Greg Stewart is currently Chairman and CEO of GSX International Group, Inc.-Freedom Green Energy, LLC., a privately held Houston-based firm active in renewable energy development, oil and gas investments and marketing; real estate development, finance and construction. Mr. Stewart is involved in the development of energy efficient affordable housing programs in the U.S. and other countries including India, South Africa, and Nigeria as part of a global clean-air green initiative called "Freedom Seal," which targets the development of 10 million “Green” homes in the U.S. and abroad. He was previously Chief Financial Officer and Partner in Alliance General Limited, with responsibilities in oil and gas investments and marketing, real estate development, finance and construction. Prior to that, Mr. Stewart was President of Gold Star Development, consulting in equity funding, development and sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties. He started his professional career as a real estate property manager with Stewart Real Estate.

His broad experience in energy, construction and commodities trading includes financing and development of crude oil wells and infrastructure development programs for Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other producing countries. This has included refinery acquisition and gas (including LNG) storage development and related financing initiatives in India, Africa, the U.S., Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahamas and other countries. Highlights include: Financial modeling and negotiation for 500 (shut-in) oil and gas wells in Venezuela (’92- ’94) with World Bank/IFC/U.S. Ex-Im Bank. Located and negotiated offshore deep water (3,000 ft.) drilling acquisitions (Bahamas) including drilling, rigs, and financial and legal consultant to several South Texas-Gulf of Mexico, Michigan, Ohio and California oil and gas drilling programs. He also participated as partner in proposals to develop oil and gas storage in various U.S. locations

Developed affordable energy efficient home construction strategies in U.S. and for export to developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These homes were built with technological innovations such as internet connectivity to overcome the “digital divide” issues of the poor in affordable housing.

Mr. Stewart is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, DC, and attended the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, TX.

Nalina is the President of Canam Inc, a boutique Management consulting company in Houston over 25 years, incubating concepts to large entities and providing strategy consulting to Business. Currently, he serves on the Advisory Board and acting as the Chief Financial Officer for A& B Environmental Services Inc.

One of his major achievements include the incubation and development of modern Private Equity Denham Capital LP (Over $ 8 Billion), for Harvard Endowment III. In the past, Canam incubated Intech Global Resources Inc that got a permit with all clearances and over 2,000 acres in India to build an Energy Complex in private sector. During this process, as a consultant to Phillips Petroleum (Conoco Phillips) he brought the concept of LNG to India the first time. This resulted in the formation of government of India company Petronet (India) that signed a multi-billion dollar deal recently with Tellurian including equity and offtake.

Before migrating to US Mr. Pillai implemented balance of plant controls for 4,000 MW Nuclear plant in Ontario, Canada. He also brought digital concepts for all power plants and transmission lines owned by Ontario Hydro (Ontario One and other companies) including Auto Cad, Networking and e Mail system that was later bought by Microsoft. In the early stages of computer revolution, he introduced NR 6,000 microcomputer systems before Apple computer came into the market.

The companies he cofounded with late industrial leaders in India flourished all these years (OEN, a US Company & KELTRON a nationally successful indigenous electronics company). Greg & Pillai assisted Petroleum international to build business in oil and software in the USA and Bahrain.

Mr. Pillai holds an executive MBA from University of Toronto, MS in EE from Oregon State Corvallis and bachelor’s degree in EE from University of Kerala, India.